Guarding The Guard :

JET GUARD FORCE Guard’s at the entrance of the Mumbai Police Gymkhana at Marine Drive
1. (Mid-day, Monday – Augest 5, 2002)
STRANGE but true. The Mumbai police employ private security guards at
the Mumbai Police Gymkhana, Marine Drive.

The gymkhana’s security has been in the hands of Tiger Security Services since the facility’s inauguration in May 2001 by Vilasrao Deshmukh, chief minister of Maharashtra.

Security guard Vijay Sakpal, who keeps vigil outside the gymkhana’s huge gates, pointed out that it’s beneath a policeman to do the job of a security guard.

“Policewalon security guard ka kaam saise kar sakte hain?” he asked. “Ek policewala doosre police wale ke liye darvaza khol-band kaise karega? Accha nahin lagta.”

A gymkhana official justified. “When we have the resources to hire security quards, why shouldn’t we? Why should we take advantage because we have access to policemen?”
He added, “First of all, the police are already short-staffed. On top of that, we’ll be blamed for misusing the force if we post policeman here.”

The official added, “In the beginning, we kept a few constables, but since last Augest it has been only the guards from the security agency.

” Police Inspector Iqbal Shaikh, of D B Marg Police Station, said, “The police are here to do more important things than the jobs of security guards.”

He also agreed that the force in short-staffed.

2. (Awaz ke Dairay), News Paper (Mumbai)
Augest 19-26, 2004 Shrimati Jadhav Area Corporator